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Return Policy

Returns / Refunds


In addition to providing the easiest payment and delivery methods, in order to make it easier for you to purchase goods and have the opportunity to try to get along with the items you like, you have the right to appreciate and hesitate for seven days from the moment the goods arrive in your hands. (Seven days including holidays, the appreciation period is not a trial period).According to the provisions of consumer protection law, during this period, if you return the product without opening, unused, contamination, failure or any other factor caused by non-human defects, the product must be returned to its original state, that is, it must be returned to your receipt. Received in the original condition of the merchandise and in its complete packaging (maintaining the integrity of the product, giveaways, accessories, packaging, manufacturer's carton and all accompanying documents or information).If the inspection unit detects that the product has been used, it cannot be returned.


Return Process:

Please be sure to contact the customer service staff within 7 days of receiving the goods and return the goods together with the invoice and shipping details. We will handle it for you immediately after receiving the goods. 

Customer service time: Monday to Friday 10:00am-18:00pm

Email: service@horseman.com.tw

Mailing address: No. 105-1, Shifu Road, Park Lane, Central District, Taichung City

1. Please keep the returned goods intact and seal the box. You can choose the following two methods for return delivery:

(a) 7-11 Pickup: You can go to 7-11 to get the purple delivery note from the clerk and fill in the delivery address: Hosman Co., Ltd., No. 105-1, Shifu Road, Park Lane, Central District, Taichung City (return/exchange goods processing), and hand it over to the clerk together with the return package, without payment.

(b) 7-11 return code: (the original delivery method on the official website is applicable to pick-up at supermarkets): After confirming with the customer service staff, a set of exclusive return code will be provided, and the bag will be carried to the 7-11 store to use the return convenience sent. (no further charges apply).

2. Invoice: Please return the goods together with the invoice in the package. The duplex is an electronic invoice, and there is no physical invoice.

3. Refund: After the goods are recovered and confirmed to be correct, we will complete the refund/refund operation within 7 working days.

4. Refund: If you paid by credit card when ordering, we will refund the payment directly to your credit card account. Due to different banking hours, it is estimated that you can check your credit card statement 7-21 days after the refund. to the refund details, or you can check with the credit card issuing bank.

special attention items:

Please reply the product to the complete appearance of the product when it was delivered, and put it in the original box/bag together with the invoice, receipt and gift, so as to maintain your right to return/exchange. If the return is damaged properly, we will not be able to return or exchange, please forgive me. We will also complete your return/exchange as quickly as possible.

Exchange: When the exchange is shipped, the company will mainly send the order to the address. If you modify the delivery information, address, etc., the shipping fee will be different. Please understand that the additional cost should be borne by yourself.

Refund: After we receive the returned/exchanged product and confirm that there is no bad condition, we will check that the order account is correct, and you will receive a refund notification and credit it in about 7-21 days. If you choose to pay by credit card, we will contact your card-issuing bank directly for refund. The refund amount will be confirmed in the next credit card statement, or you can also call the card-issuing bank.


Please do not unpack the product for trial. After trial, it will affect the exercise of your right to return or be responsible for the cost of damage. 

Products purchased on the official website cannot be returned or exchanged directly at the physical store.

After a member has ordered, if a large number of returns or exchanges have caused troubles in the operation, the member will be refused transaction or permanently cancelled according to the situation.

Exchanges can only be made for the same item, and item A cannot be exchanged for item B. If you want to change to another item or size, please return the original item and reorder the item you need.

If you want to return the product, if the promotional products are sold as a set for participating in the optional event, it cannot be returned as a single product, and the set of products must be returned together.


Shopping Notes: 

Please unpack and inspect the goods within 7 days after receiving the goods (counting from the date of receipt). If there is any damage, please contact us as soon as possible. Please forgive me if the returned product and packaging are not new after the 7-day appreciation period. In addition to personal clothing, other products can be returned, please contact us first, we will ask for the courier to retrieve the return to you, confirm that the product is correct, and then refund to you, if you need to change the size, please place another order.

If you place the wrong order, please place a new order, and then contact us to cancel the original order. The color of the product picture will be slightly different from the actual product due to different computer systems or different screens. The pictures are for reference only and do not contain any photo accessories when shipped.

Online product prices and activities are subject to online purchases, and physical store transactions are based on the prices indicated on site.

The company will reserve the right to accept the order, please forgive me! Thank you for your cooperation.